Banana Chocolate Chip Dark Matter Pancakes


Banana Chocolate Chip Dark Matter Pancakes

There’s more words in the title than most of us can handle first thing in the morning. But don’t panic, these pancakes couldn’t be easier to make.

Cooking with beer can be a fun time in the kitchen, there’s lots of marinades, stews and chillies that lend themselves naturally to beer. Even baking is great with beer. But let’s talk breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Today, it started with a hearty… beer? Yes. Beer. A Hoyne Dark Matter to be exact. So get out your favourite mixing bowl and let’s get started.

Banana Chocolate Chip Hoyne Dark Matter Pancakes

In a large mixing bowl, measure your flour, add the lightly beaten egg and mix together, add the beer slowly so it doesn’t bubble over and whisk together until combined and not lumpy. Mix in the chocolate chips.

1 ⅓ C of self-rising flour **
1 lightly beaten egg
1 ⅓ C of Hoyne Dark Matter
⅓ C of chocolate chips

1 sliced banana

Heat a heavy frying pan over medium-high heat.  Add butter or oil to the pan and scoop in your pancakes.  When bubbles appear on the surface, flip and cook through. You may need to slowly turn down the pan to keep the subsequent batches from burning.

Top with sliced banana, butter and syrup if you like.

Makes about 8-10 pancakes.

** If you don’t have self-rising flour, add 2 tsp baking powder and ⅓ tsp salt to the flour

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