Driftwood | Crooked Coast Altbier

Crooked Coast Altbier

Driftwood | Crooked Coast Altbier

This day and age it seems giving directions is a lost art.  And fair enough, Google maps makes it incredibly easy.  To be perfectly honest it still tickles me a little when people give me directions.  I nod, and say “oh yeah, ok I got it.”  But in my head I’m simply thinking…. “Why are you wasting my time.  I’ll google the shit and be there before you’ve finished yammering on.”

However, there are those times where there’s no service, or your phone is dead and it’s then that you must truly heed those directions.  And when someone is articulate enough to verbally navigate you through all those back roads and side streets to get you to the house party with multiple kegs of Crooked Coast,  you can’t help but tip your hat and tilt your glass.

Pairs delectably with Flight of the Conchords

Rating:  🐦/10

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