Sooke Oceanside Brewery | Stiff Jab Pale Ale

Stiff Jab

Sooke Oceanside Brewery | Stiff Jab Pale Ale

What the Summer of Love in 1969 was to the hippies….. this beer is the 1994 of my generation.  It was the pinnacle of 90’s culture and so…. much…. great…. music.

I figured there was going to be some sort of fighting/boxing reference in here somewhere but I guess subconsciously I thought it might be a little too “on the nose.”  Oh look… I did it anyway.

Pairs grungily with Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Live, Big Wreck, The Cranberries, Collective Soul, Green Day, Pearl Jam and of course Rage Against the Machine.  Honourable mention to Nirvana I guess… but they never did anything for me.

Rating:  🎸/10

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