Swans… the place to be again.

Swans Flight

Swans… the place to be again.

With only 13 breweries in town (only 13, rough life hey?) there are a limited number of “head brewer” positions, and they sure as hell don’t open up too often.

However the stars aligned a few months ago after Chris Lukie left Lighthouse Brewing and quietly stepped into the brewhouse at Swans.  He has since started to make a lot of noise and has big plans to shake things up good.

Shake it up.  Right… ok,  what exactly does that mean?

It means that when you put a guy who graduated at the top of his class from the Siebel Institute and has been brewing for 15 years all across the globe into a brewery with complete creative control and practically unlimited capacity, you’re going to be tasting some pretty fucking great beers.

One of the things I truly appreciate about Chris is that he’s always looking forward.  Did something work really well last time?  Fantastic.  Let’s try something new.

With a love for all styles, Chris is finally getting a chance to really showcase his skills and bring this city an awesome variety of beers true to their classic styles.

So far he’s offering up:  Vienna Lager, Belgian Tripel, Kolsch, IPA, Doppelbock, American Dry Stout, Pale Ale and a Helles Lager just to name a few.

This list continues on as many of the new releases will be in house only.  So slide on down to Swans for a revitalized lineup of stellar craft beers from one of the true heavy hitters of the beer scene.

Nothing makes this guy smile more than sitting in the snug after work, sipping a pint and seeing everyone enjoy his beer.  When I asked him what he hopes to achieve at Swans he said:

“All I want is for people to come in and enjoy a great flight.”

“Like a stewardess.  I am your beer stewardess.”

“Riiiight.” I said with a sidelong glance.

“What about flight attendant?  Seems more… apt?”

“Nope. I’m definitely a stewardess.”

Swans with Chris

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